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About Rice Paper

About Rice Paper

Rice paper can be classified into two classes by its absorbency regardless of its numerous names. Unsized paper is porous and absorbent, and sized paper is less absorbent. Different plant fiber affects the paper's absorbency too. While bamboo paper is extremely absorbent, mulberry paper is similar to the sized one. Ageing is also a factor. The longer the paper stored the less absorbent it will be. Such naturally sized paper is considered top grade in the unsized class. Many painters store large amount of papers for decades to gain this change.

The dimension of rice paper varies according to local papermaker's mould. The regular length is measured 2, 4, 6 and 8 in Chinese foot. The thickness of the paper is decided by layers, or how many sheets of papers are dried together, 1-, 2-, or 3-ply.

One of the special characters of the paper is that it is rotproof and mothproof. This is the reason why an artwork from hundred years ago can still have its original freshness. Another features is that the crumpling and folding will not harm the paper.

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