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Mounting flattens and thickens a work of art by rice paper and silk. One peculiar character of ink painting is that its tones look rich while the paint is still wet, but tries flat. Mounting restores its tonal strength by pasting a plain sheet of rice paper from behind, forcing sunken pigment back. The backed work is then framed with silk and installed with a pair of hanging bars for exhibition.

  • Studio
  • Tools
  • Materials
How to
  1. Making paste
  2. Backing
  3. Squaring a backed artwork
  4. Preparing silk

Mounting requires extreme care, for a wrong idea or an inexperienced hand will kill an artwork. What discusses here are basic techniques of how traditional wall scrolls of East Asia are made by hand. The pace of mounting is slow, which takes from several weeks to several months. The benefit of the handwork is that an old scroll can be taken apart and remounted while that mounted by machine can not.

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