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Freehand Chinese Painting

Freehand Chinese Painting

Under the influence of Buddhism, Chinese painters, Korean and Japanese alike, took a single color, ink, to create tone and scale on rice paper. Ink painting is carried out at tremendous speed - with a single deft stroke, it produced a leaf, a petal, a whole cluster of bamboo.

  • Chinese brush
  • Unsized rice paper
  • Ink
  • Chinese paints
How To

Roughly mark the composition by finger directly on rice paper. Charcoal is conventional approach though.
Dry-brush technique, slightly under-charged with ink or paint, often used in branches and rocks.
Grounded from mineral colors, the pigments for Chinese painting cannot be mixed as in Western watercolor paint to produce an infinite range of shades.
Right bleeding is from right amount of ink reserved in a charged brush and responsiveness of rice paper.
Seal and inscription are traditionally part of Chinese painting. Some contemporary artists simply ignore them.
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