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Meticulous Chinese Painting

Meticulous Chinese Painting

The notion of meticulous style Chinese painting is similar to that of oil painting in layers, a transparent monochromatic underpainting and colors overlaid in various combinations to give subtlety and depth. Featured by its fine brushwork and close attention to details, this kind of Chinese painting has a decorative appearance and may take as long as months to finish.

  • Chinese brush
  • Sized rice paper
  • Ink
  • Chinese paints
How To

1. Monochromatic ink line drawing

Prepare the surface of a drawing board by a white supporting rice paper taped at edges. This paper will catch excessive water from a charged brush.
The painting paper, can be either sized rice paper or mulberry paper, should be stretched tight over the prepared drawing board by glued edges. Dampen the painting paper before applying glue.
The basic technique of meticulous Chinese painting is inked line.
2. Coloring

Artist will hold two Chinese brushes in hand like a pair of chopsticks. The first brush is to give the color and the second one is to apply clear water along the edge of the colored area, resulting graduation of shade.
Painting over a dampened area is also applicable, like wet-into-wet technique in watercolor painting. However, the paints for Chinese painting will not yield infinite range of shades as Western paints.
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